Blaze equips London’s new Sadiq Cycle with improved laser lights

Emily Brooke’s Blaze has equipped the newest version of London’s public cycle hire bikes with upgraded laser lights. The new "Sadiq Cycle" – built by Pashley – was launched yesterday, and features a host of improvements.

The new daytime running lights incorporate 24 super bright LEDs on both the front and the rear. Patented laser projection technology also shines a green bike icon ahead of the rider, providing a forewarning to motorists and pedestrians.

An integrated rear brake light in the extended rear mudguard communicates braking and deceleration to following road users

The new technology solution – which Blaze has named Smart Lights – was developed in-house from Blaze’s studio and workshop in Shoreditch, East London. The lights also incorporate a GPS, accelerometers and atmospheric sensing to monitor overall journey quality.

The front and rear lights stay illuminated for two minutes after the rider stops moving. 

Blaze design director Daniel Barnes said:, “These smart lights are the culmination of two years of R&D from our product team. The opportunity to be involved as a technology partner from the inception of the project has allowed us to achieve an unprecedented level of integration with the design of the bike."

Blaze started out as a manufacturer of the consumer version of the new icon light, the Laserlight.

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