The Bath Institute of Medical Engineering charity is seeking distribution for its bike for children with restricted growth.

BIME seeks specialist distributors for its bike

BIME, a charity based in Bath, has been producing its specialist bike since 1998. Currently it’s sold direct to parents and other charities but BIME’s Tony Husband believes there’s potential for widening the scope of distribution, including exporting it internationally.

Frames for the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering’s bike are made in the UK. BIME is a design and development charity working in the fields of medicine, health care and assistive technology for disabled people.

The charity was founded in 1968 and is based at the Royal United Hospital in Bath and affiliated to the University of Bath.

Via and other cycling websites BIME is seeking fundraising riders for 2011 in order to pay for bikes to give to families. BIME will be registered with JustGiving in the New Year.

"Imagine the frustration of trying to ride a bike with your mates and you cant reach the pedals or handlebars," said Tony Husband of BIME. "Our bike is specifically designed to help kids with restricted growth to get on with being kids."

The BIME bike has a super-low chassis with a low-ratio gear and short cranks. 

Husband said: "The bike frames are made in the UK to our original design, which dates back to 1998. The original concept was to design and develop bikes for children and adults with restricted growth and we are currently planning the reintroduction of large and medium size bikes to complete the family. The bikes were designed in close cooperation with members of the Restricted Growth Association.

"The small bike is designed for children and has short cranks, a unique frame with low step over, an adjustable seat with up and down as well as forward and back movement, a chain guard and easy to reach handlebars, a front brake, freewheel and removable stabilisers. 

"The medium and large bikes will feature gearing but the final spec is still under discussion.

"We currently sell directly ourselves. Our current price for the small bike is £250 plus VAT and carriage. If any distributors would like to approach us from the UK or abroad we would be pleased to discuss options."

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