Bikmo partners with Blike for custom fleet insurance for bike leasing customers

Bikmo has partnered with Blike for custom fleet insurance for bike leasing customers.

The partnership will see a flexible commercial fleet insurance programme from Bikmo embedded with all Blike leased e-bikes for the duration of their flexible lease period, up to 36 months.

Blike offers London commuters a flexible monthly subscription on a range of e-bikes from brands including Vanmoof and Cowboy. Employees save money on a purchase by paying through salary sacrifice, and the package includes the extra convenience of bike maintenance, flexibility to cancel or change bikes at any time, and now also insurance.

Bikmo CEO David George said: “We’ve seen a shift in the bike sector from ownership to leasing and subscriptions coming for years so it’s fantastic to be working alongside Blike as a leader in this space.

“It’s the next step in our mission to protect the world’s riders so we’re delighted to be protecting Blike customers and hopefully inspiring a new generation of riders to choose bike over car.”

Bikmo’s tailored insurance for Blike includes theft, accidental damage and vandalism cover throughout the lease, both at the customer’s home, and when they are on the move.

For Blike, and other leasing and subscription models, flexibility and scalability are key. Bikmo’s Commercial Fleet solution makes it easy to put bikes on and off cover as they are leased and returned to base, and this comes with cost efficiencies over traditional commercial insurance options.

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Tim Carrigan, co-founder and CEO of Blike, added: “Working with Bikmo was the obvious choice from the outset as they share our vision of supporting as many riders as possible across the UK.

“By protecting our fleet, Bikmo ensures that our riders feel confident and means we can keep them on the road and riding for longer. Working with the team at Bikmo has been a pleasure as they tailored the product around our needs but also in a way that’s suitable for other fleet managers.”

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