He's also put in a request for blue skies, pristine sunsets and not a jot of rain for the duration of Britain's only official national bike fest. Of the 490 registered Bike Week event organisers, 50 are IBDs. "That's much better than in previous years," said Nick 'I've-got-a-direct-line-to-the-weather-gods' Harvey.

Bikeweek organiser has booked wall-to-wall sunshine for 14-22nd June

"I put the increase down to the rousing stuff in BikeBiz (including Trevor’ Halstead’s comment piece) and, it has to be said, the BTi front cover story," said the Bike Week organiser.

More than 900 events have been registered to date and Harvey expects that total to swell to 1000+.

Most of the IBD organisers (come on, let’s face it, 50 is still a pitifully low turnout) are providing ‘free advice on cycling’ and ‘Dr Bike’ free cycle safety checks.

Event registrations will be accepted right up until 14th June and will appear on the Bike Week website. Click on the link below for a PDF of the organiser’s guide.

Tel: 01243 543888

Email: nick@bikeweek.org.uk



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