US bike hire scheme survey reveals users are saving around the equivalent of £570 pa

Bikesharing saves Washington DC’ers $891 a year

Washington DC’s Capital Bikesharing (CaBi) is saving its members a whopping $891 a year – and reducing their driving miles by five million per year.

The bike share/hire programme has over 165 stations across Washington DC and Arlington VA with over 1,500 bicycles. After they’ve signed up to the scheme, members get the first 30 minutes of each bike trip free, with fees for every additional half-hour period.

Over November and December more than 5,000 members took part in a survey analysed by Lori Diggins of LDA Consulting. It found that 82 per cent of respondents were cycling more since joining the scheme and that CaBi was a major factor for the 56 per cent who cut their car usage. 

83 per cent of respondents said they’d be more likely to use a business that was accessible through the bike hire scheme.

Alta Bicycle Share operates the programme, one of the few in the US that has been operating for over one year.

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