Scheme aims to encourage Manchester residents to undertake journeys by bike

BikeRight links with Manchester Council for ‘Carbon Cycle’

BikeRight!, in partnership with Manchester City council and a number of local business, are running an innovative new cycling project entitled the Carbon Cycle.

Through a grant from the council’s Carbon Innovation Fund, the Carbon Cycle is designed to deliver long-term carbon reductions through inspiring and empowering the people of Manchester to increase the number of journeys being taken by bicycle. The project will run for 12 months and will engage with business both large and small.

By capitalising on BikeRight!’s well established reputation and local business links, a newly appointed Urban Cycling Development Officer will work directly with companies to provide urban cycle training, bike try-out road shows and consultation about facilities for cyclists.

Up to 240 people will receive the free cycle training, which is aimed at improving cyclists’ safety when riding in busy urban areas such as Manchester City Centre. The plan is to encourage non-cyclists or people returning to cycling to commute by bike instead of car, or maybe to combine cycling with public transport.

“This is a really exciting project that will signify Manchester’s commitment to sustainable, active and healthy forms of travel. We are hoping to show a measureable reduction in CO2 emissions from all those who take part and will be using state-of-the-art cycle computers and GPS devices to monitor peoples cycling journeys,” commented project leader Lachlan Fulton.

“It’s early days but we have started the development of an on-line web community to support the project and capture the data from those who take part.” Lachlan added.

From a business perspective, research has shown that regular cyclists are better timekeepers, are healthier, have less time off sick and have a more positive attitude to stress due to the ‘happy hormones’ that are released during exercise.

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