The two-branch London IBD secured the brand in the summer and had a soft roll-out at Cycle 2002. With availability of 2003 product, the full launch can now take place...

Bikepark is new UK distributor for Eddy Merckx bikes and frames

“We have been selling Merckx bikes for five years," said Bikepark’s Phil Cavell.

"After a factory visit and meeting with Eddy in August, we have now taken in the first batch of 2003 frames. Like Merckx owners the world over, we had become devotees of these very special bikes. And after meeting Eddy, his family and his ex-team mates – who all work in the factory – we now understand quite why they ride the way they do.”

The Merckx factory was founded in 1982 in Meise near Brussels. Merckx was inspired as a frame-builder career by both Ernesto Colnago and Ugo DeRosa; the latter travelling to Belgium to assist him in the tooling programme at the factory.

Now 5000 frames are made each year.

The newly amalgamated Belgian-based Lotto–Domo team will be riding bespoke Eddy Merckx Team SC Scandium frames and SC Chrono TT bikes in 2003. These will be available in Team (TBR) colours to the public, with a custom build option available.

The 2003 line up from Merckx includes the GX2 Carbon Monocoque at £1899 retail. The range starts with the £499 Flyer frame.

All the road frames come in a choice of standard or sloping designs.

Tel: 020 7405 2834

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