BikeFlights introduces new e-bike shipping programme is making it easier for individual cyclists and businesses to ship e-bikes within the contiguous US with a new e-bike shipping programme.

“As more people have purchased e-bikes, the need to buy and sell as well as travel with e-bikes has grown,” said William Alcorn, president of BikeFlights. “We’re excited to release a simple, new programme for packing and shipping e-bikes safely and with more confidence.”

BikeFlights’ e-bike shipping programme is for shipping single e-bikes that have their battery either contained within the frame or fully installed. E-bike shipping is available via ground service within the contiguous US. Prior to shipping, all e-bike shippers must follow these five e-bike-specific packing instructions:

– Lower your e-bike’s battery charge to less than 30% to limit cell-to-cell combustion
– Power off your e-bike battery, remove any keys and ensure that the battery cannot turn ‘on’ during transit
– Protect your e-bike and its battery by using lots of extra-dense foam padding
– Pack your e-bike into a large and sturdy box rated for e-bikes such as the BikeFlights Bike Box Large (BBL)
– Completely remove all bulk shipping hazmat markings such as the Class 9 sticker and UN3480 sticker

BikeFlights’ new e-bike shipping programme makes e-bike shipping more accessible to more people by removing the financial and time costs associated with getting hazmat certified, said BikeFlights. Previously, BikeFlights allowed complete e-bike shipments only by shippers who had a current hazmat shipping certification. Such certification is no longer required, effective immediately.

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