BikeBiz’s guide to the latest indoor cycling products

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1. Brand: Muc-Off
Product: Indoor Training Kit
Distributor: NA
Description: The Muc-Off Indoor Training Kit is packed with everything you need to keep clocking up indoor miles during winter or rainy days. The kit contains Antibacterial Equipment Cleaner to make indoor sufferfest sessions germ-free, Luxury Chamois Cream to keep that chafing away, and Sweat Protect to keep the bike in top-notch condition by stopping rust and corrosion, no matter how much sweat is thrown at it. Even when riding indoors, a well-lubed drivetrain is essential for smooth shifting and lasting performance, which is why the kit includes a bottle of C3 Ceramic Dry Lube. The kit is topped up with a Luxury Microfibre Cloth and it all comes wrapped up in a handy Tote bag.
RRP: £50.00

2. Brand: Feedback Sports


Distributor: 2pure

Description: Need an awesome warm-up and cool-down during weekends at the races? Want to crush that indoor bike trainer workout in a small living space? Meet the Omnium Over-Drive Portable Bike Trainer.

The precision rollers and internal progressive resistance design is so quiet you’ll never disrupt the neighbours. When you’re finished, the elegant folding design hides in its padded travel bag like it was never there. Add a Sweat Guard and Trainer Mat and you’re armed with the complete training package

RRP: £400

3. Brand: Elite

Product: Aria

Distributor: Madison

Description: The perfect fan for indoor training, the Elite Aria can automatically manage air flow based on speed, power, heart rate or body temperature. On top of that there are 10 different tilt positions and up to 50km/h air speed as well as an integrated carbon filter that freshens the air which is perfect for dusty or humid environments.

RRP: £279.99

4. Brand: Lifeline

Product: Rocker Plate

Distributor: Hotlines

Description: The Lifeline Rocker Plate adds an extra level of realism to your indoor training. The 13-degree side to side rock simulates the balance of road riding and requires the rider to maintain balance on the bike. This helps to build your core strength and has the added benefit of relieving some of the stress on the bike frame that is associated with long term static training.  It is compatible with most market-leading trainers. 

RRP: £249.99

5. Brand: Stages    
Product: SB20
Distributor: Saddleback Ltd.
Description: Whether you’re smashing it hard in a Peloton HIIT session or riding with friends in Zwift, the Stages SB20 Smart Bike is the ultimate indoor trainer. With the SB20, electronic shifting, a 23kg freewheeling flywheel and advanced power meter tech are combined with a durable fitness club proven frame to give you an indoor experience like no other. Available with a White-Glove delivery and setup service, this home trainer is the perfect tool for all season training.
RRP: £1699.00

6. Brand: Jet Black

Product: Smart Turning Riser Block

Distributor: Chicken Cyclekit

Description: JetBlack’s special Turing Riser Block allows you to experience a new level of freedom on your indoor trainer. It is designed to level the front wheel whilst allowing you to move the front wheel from side to side, ideal to really get the full riding experience from your indoor virtual training.  When you turn on the riser block, it will then translate that movement through to the virtual training app of your choice.

RRP: £79.99

7. Brand: Wahoo

Product: Kickr smart trainer

Distributor: Wahoo

Description: The newest version of the KICKR offers best-in-class indoor smart trainer design. With the addition of lightning fast WiFi, KICKR continues to stay ahead of the pack as the smart trainer that gives you the most ways to connect, compete and train indoors. The KICKR automatically calibrates and provides accurate power measurements of +/- 1%.

RRP: £1,099.99

8. Brand: Wahoo

Product: Kickr Climb 

Distributor: Wahoo

Description: When paired with a Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer, the KICKR CLIMB adds physical gradient changes to your indoor training. When combined with Wahoo RGT, the KICKR CLIMB raises the angle of the bike in unison with the gradient of the virtual road you are climbing. Simultaneously your KICKR Smart Trainer will realistically ramp up its resistance for a more immersive indoor cycling experience.

RRP: £529.99

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