BikeBiz’s guide to the latest in workshop and cleaning

This month, we take a look at the latest in workshop and cleaning from some of the leading brands in the sector, including ROwasher, KranX, Finish Line, Birzman, Weldtite, Bosch Power Tools, Wolf Tooth, Muc-Off, Pro-Green, LifeLine, Motorex, Syncros, Fenwick’s, Hiplok, Juice Lubes, Cyclon, Dirt Doc, Oxford and CRC SmartWasher

ROwasher Bike Parts Washer

Distributor: Rozone

The ROwasher makes bike servicing a quicker, safer and more pleasant experience. Its innovative oil-eating microbe technology makes this parts washer a “greener” option. It`s ROwash Degreasing Solution keeps staff, customers and the environment free from harmful chemicals –  and being heated to 42°C keeps hands warm and technicians happy! Faster, less messy and cheaper than off the shelf products at less than £1 per wash – increase service revenues, generate profit and shorten turnaround time while delivering a superior clean.

KranX Home Repair Workstand

Distributor: Bob Elliot & Co Ltd

With a steel frame and Q/R clamp, the KranX workstand supports and grips the bike securely. A soft clamp prevents scratching or damage to the bike and it comes with a parts tray and adjustable handlebar rod to stabilise the front wheel. It has a fully adjustable clamp that fits diameters from 25-40mm and has a 3600 rotation. The legs fold for easy storage and it has an adjustable height from 105-190cm.

Finish Line Disc Brake Cleaner

Distributor: Madison

If you want squeak-free disc brakes that work like a dream, Finish Line’s disc brake cleaner is the answer. Using an acetone-free formula, it flushes out dirt and oil ad breaks down baked-on brake glaze keeping your brakes performing brilliantly (and quietly). It also leaves zero residue on the rotors, meaning there’s no need to wash them down with water afterwards.

Birzman Studio Tool Box

Distributor: Silverfish

Birzman tools are famous for their painstaking attention to details in the design, the performance and the look and feel. Their multi-award winning Studio Tool Box is a collection of 37 carefully selected pieces from Birzman’s portfolio of high-performance tools, all in a heavy-duty PE case with blow-moulded pallets offering protection and organisation. The perfect addition to any busy workshop, home mechanic or mobile mechanic’s armoury.

Weldtite Citrus Degreaser

Distributor: Multi Distributed

Remove dirt and grime easily with Weldtite’s powerful water-based Citrus degreaser. Use with a cloth, brush or as a ‘bath’ to efficiently clean the whole drivetrain. Citrus Degreaser is the choice of Ribble Weldtite and Team DSM who benefit from the powerful and effective performance on the chain whilst being biodegradable and gentle on the mechanic’s skin. Available in 1L, 5L and 25L.

Bosch Power Tools EasyPump

Distributor: Magura

Inflation of up to 10.3 bar with real-time measurement and pre-select function.Ideal for inflating tyres (car, motorcycle, bike), balls, and smaller water sports equipment. Everything ready at hand: various adapters are neatly stored in the tool handle. Intuitive and practical: easy-to-use, ergonomic, and small design with a big display. Integrated battery and USB-C charging, brightly illuminated by an LED light.

Wolf Tooth 8-Bit Pack Pliers

Distributor: Saddleback

Wolf Tooth’s 8-Bit Pack Pliers can solve almost any roadside repair. 17 functions from master link pliers to Torx bits bring superb functionality in a lightweight design. Eight attachments nestle in the pliers and are held in place with magnets. They attach to a ball dent swivel head that doubles as an 8mm hex bit. A valve core remover and rasp store in one side of the pliers and there’s even room for a master link. Made in the USA. 

Muc-Off Eco Parts Washer

Distributor: Muc-Off

Effortless, efficient, consistent cleaning in seconds and available in two sizes, 40l and 100l.  Unlike other solvent part washers, the Muc-Off Eco Parts Washer doesn’t release harmful chemicals like VOCs and minimises wastewater with their Eco Parts Wash and Power Tabs technology. Maintenance made simple and easy with a pre-filter situated in the sink which holds thick elements, and a socket filter to catch the finest particles. When it’s time to empty, use the draining plug and integrated pouring spout for easy draining.

Pro-GreenBike Cleaning

Distributor: Walkers Cycles 

Pro-Green is a ‘Premier Salt Free Cleaner’ designed and produced in England. A salt-free product is important for maintaining the longevity of your bike. Unlike most other cleaners our products are also free from harsh chemicals making them safe to use on aluminium, carbon, matt finishes and e-bikes. All Pro-Green products are biodegradable and packaging is recyclable. Available as bike wash, aftershine and drivetrain cleaner.

LifeLine Essential Torque Wrench Set

Distributor: Hotlines

This Torque Wrench Set enables you to tighten the bolts on your bike components with precision and offers outstanding value for money.  It contains all of the most commonly used Torx and Hex head sockets: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm hex heads T25 & T30 Torx heads, and a 5mm hex extension. Micrometric adjustment allows for precise readings between 2NM and 24NM.  It comes in a tough, bespoke, moulded case that keeps all the parts securely contained and protected.

MotorexCleaning Range

Distributor: Extra UK

Motorex has a large range of cleaning products to keep every kind of bike working in top condition. The cleaners are biodegradable so will not harm the environment and can be easily used at home or workshop. The range includes Bike Clean to remove stuck-on mud and grime, Quick Clean for fast and waterless cleaning jobs, and the Motorex Bike Cleaning Kit. This all-in-one kit includes everything a rider needs to maintain their bike, all in a convenient storage bucket.

Syncros Wrench 2.0 Torque

Distributor: Scott

Precision products require precision tools. Our Torque wrench is designed for ease of use when mounting and maintaining high-end products (particularly carbon components) on bikes. Simply set your desired torque and you cannot over-tighten a bolt risking damage to the component or bolt head. The kit is complete with a range of bits, an extension head, instructions and a tough case to keep it safe. An essential part of any home mechanics arsenal.

Fenwick’s Concentrated Bike Cleaner

Distributor: ZyroFisher

Fenwick’s Concentrated Bike Cleaner is an effective and biodegradable bike cleaner. Mixed with 10 parts water, the Concentrated Bike Cleaner creates a ‘ready to use’ bike cleaner – or use it neat in a chain bath. It is safe to use on anodising, carbon, plastics, rubber and painted surfaces. A 1l bottle of Concentrated Bike Cleaner will make 11l of bike cleaner! Buying as a concentrate helps move less product and reduces overall CO2 emissions.

HiplokANKR Mini

Distributor: ZyroFisher

ANKR Mini micro security anchor will help keep your workshop tidy while securely storing all your household bikes. Based on the unique 3 -piece design of the bigger Hiplok ANKR,  ANKR Mini provides a compact yet secure locking point for any type of bike or scooter. Pair ANKR Mini with a Hiplok D lock or Z Lok depending on your security requirements. Available in three colours.

Green Oil Agent Apple

Distributor: i-ride 

Working with cleaning and lubricating formulas can be damaging not only in the workshop environment but also to the wider world we all ride in. Green Oil cover all the important consumable bike maintenance products with a range of skin-safe naturally derived formulas, avoiding the use of PTFE and other long-chain chemicals which don’t easily biodegrade. Its Agent Apple degreaser can be used up to three times, proof that a natural product doesn’t have to be any less effective. Available in quantities suited to workshops or home mechanics.

Juice LubesDirt Juice Double Pack

Distributor: Velobrands

The Dirt Juice Double pack is a super-value twin pack of bike wash and concentrate. The pack contains a reusable 1L bottle of Dirt Juice Bike Wash and another 1L bottle of Dirt Juice Super. Dirt Juice is a pre-mixed, fast-acting, foamy bike wash that’ll leave your bike sparkling. Dirt Juice Super mixes with water to create up to 10L of Dirt Juice Bike Wash.

Cyclon Instant Polish Wax

Distributor: The Cycle Division

Cyclon the specialists for over 35 years in all things cleaning, maintenance, lubrication and protection products have many products in there range including the Instant Polish Wax that gives all parts of the bike a shine that is long-lasting, simple to use just clean the bike apply the Polish Wax gently rub with a clean dry cloth and the bike is looking like new with a water repellent finish. Available in 100, 250 and 500ml aerosols.

Dirt DocCleaners and Lubes 

Distributor: Greyville Enterprises

A simple yet very comprehensive range of just six cleaners and lubes that will fully cover all normal requirements. Three cleaners (for bike, chain and disc brake) plus new improved chain lube, degreaser and bike protector. So what else do you really need? Supplied with a free compact display that doesn’t take up half the counter and will keep generating turnover all day long. Bike cleaner is also available in an economic 5-litre refill bottle. Dirt Doc = TLC for your bike. 

Oxford Mint Bike Cleaner

Distributor: Oxford Products

Powerful-but-safe all-purpose foaming cleaner specially formulated to quickly remove dirt and grime. Leaves a bright and sparkling finish when rinsed off. Key features:
– High-performance biodegradable formulation
– Foaming trigger enables easy and gentle removal of dirt and grime
– Safe on paintwork, metal surfaces, plastics, rubber and carbon fibre
– Features a clean mint scent
– Available in 1 litre and 5 litre

CRC SmartWasher SW-23

Distributor: Actively seeking

The CRC SmartWasher is the global leader in bioremediating parts-washers. Designed to clean dirty bike parts during repair and maintenance – quickly and safely. Ozzy microbes’ breakdown and “eat” oil, grease and other contaminants creating a self-cleaning system that doesn’t generate hazardous waste. The OzzyJuice cleans the bike, the Ozzy microbes clean the OzzyJuice. SmartWasher is still the smartest bike cleaning solution. SmartWasher – Sustainability that doesn’t cost the earth. Contact us to become a distribution partner!

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