BikeBiz’s guide to the latest in gravel and adventure

BikeBiz takes a look at the latest in gravel and adventure from some of the leading brands in the sector, including KinesisUK, Cannondale, Salsa, Kona, Cube, Surly Bikes, Chris King, Vision, Panaracer, Hutchinson, Schwalbe Tyres, CushCore, ControlTech, Ultimate, Acros, Lake, Sea to Summit, Zefal, Pro and Ortlieb

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G2 Gravel Bike
Brand: KinesisUK
Distributor: Upgrade Bikes

The G2 adventure gravel bike is nimble off the line, fast and plenty tough enough for the rough style of UK gravel riding. It will also make a perfect four seasons bike being more capable than a road bike, more comfortable than a cyclocross bike and with versatility built in like the rack mounts, load carry fork mounts and clearance for 700x45c tyres. Kinesis ‘Rider Fit Design’ ensures a great fit across four sizes and with SRAM build kit you’re all set for fun.

RRP: £1,680

Topstone Carbon 2 Lefty
Brand: Cannondale
Distributor: Cycling Sports Group UK

Dual-suspension gravel bike for rugged dirt roads and singletrack trails. With the Kingpin system and Lefty
fork, nothing is off-limits. Lightweight Topstone Carbon frame with Kingpin suspension/ Lefty Oliver gravel suspension fork, 30mm travel. Shimano GRX 800/600 11-speed gravel group/ DownLow dropper post. WTB KOM Light rims w/ 700x44c WTB Raddler TCS Light tyres.

RRP: £4,500

Warbird GRX 810 2X
Brand: Salsa
Distributor: Lyon Cycle

A gravel ride can be whatever you want it to be: go for speed, go for distance, go for fun, go for an escape. No matter your goal, Warbird GRX 810 2x is a comfortable and efficient way to get there. The carbon frame with Class 5 Vibration Reduction System (VRS) tames harsh roads. Gravel race geometry grants control on ruinous roads. Thoughtful mounting points provide places for everything from extra bottles to a light bikepacking setup. Shimano’s GRX 810 2x drivetrain has proven itself as a dependable, high-performance gravel group with plenty of gear range for windy flats and steep climbs.

RRP: £4,550

Libre EL
Brand: Kona
Distributor: Kona

The Libre EL has made itself known as a go-to adventure bike for people of all abilities. Looking to up your distance? Want a tool that allows you to ride farther in less time? The Libre EL is a versatile machine that has the legs to go just about anywhere. Built on the popular Libre platform, the Libre EL features an aluminium frame and Verso Full Carbon Flat Mount Disc fork. Like its CR DL sibling, it runs a gravel-specific drivetrain and brakes, ensuring the grime that you’ll inevitably get from a mucky ride doesn’t affect shifting and braking performance. Unlike its analogue sibling, it gets a power boost from a Shimano motor and internal battery. In other words, it’ll get you to the top of that insanely steep mountain you’ve been eyeing up, and let you enjoy the benefits of rippin’ gravel on the way down!

RRP: £4,199

Nuroad C:62 Pro
Brand: Cube
Distributor: Oneway Bike BV

Meet the Nuroad C:62 Pro. Blending the comfort and low weight of a full carbon gravel chassis with Shimano’s gravel-specific GRX 1×11 groupset, it’s got everything you need to explore further afield. The Fulcrum wheelset features rims designed to suit the rigours of all road riding, with a wide bed that’s ideal for the grippy Schwalbe tyres selected. Add the power of hydraulic disc brakes and the comfort of a full carbon fork and Newmen carbon seatpost, and you’ve no more excuses left.

RRP: £2,499

Ghost Grappler
Brand: Surly Bikes
Distributor: Ison Distribution

Off-road enthusiasts have been Frankensteining drop bars onto trail bikes for decades, so Surly designed
the Ghost Grappler to scratch that itch with a little more precision. Engineered first and foremost around a
stable and comfortable drop-bar hand position, its trail-ready geo provides a spirited ride on mixed terrain.

RRP: £2,200

GRD23 Wheelset
Brand: Chris King
Distributor: Saddleback Ltd

The GRD23 Wheelset is built around Chris King’s R45D Centrelock hubs and laced to Chris King’s own
GRD23 rims, which have been designed and built to Chris King’s exacting standards in collaboration with CSS Composites. With the GRD23 wheelset, regardless of how rough the terrain may get, the performance is second to none. It offers exceptional vibration absorption, impressive durability in the case of impact, and above all a responsiveness and high performance that will change your ride. Should the worst occur, you can rest easy knowing that your wheelset is covered and your rim will be recycled.

RRP: £3,000

Team AGX Disc Wheelset (CLIN TR, SH11, CL, V21)
Brand: Vision
Distributor: Windwave

This gravel-specific disc wheelset is part of Vision’s AGX range, a product line that offers best performance for adventure, gravel and cyclocross. It is tubeless ready and features 30mm deep alloy rims, which, combined with lower tyre pressures, will provide better support and stability, as well as stronger puncture protection on the rougher terrain. The Vision Team AGX wheelset was artisan built, entirely by hand, with CNC machined aluminium hubs, ensuring a premium finish and improved durability.

RRP: £314.95

GravelKing SK
Brand: Panaracer
Distributor: ZyroFisher

Choose from five different GravelKing tread patterns to match your style and needs. The original GravelKing Slick is ideal for pavement and short detours from paved roads to gravel. The GravelKing SK is excellent for riding on rough and rocky roads and the GravelKing Semi-Slick offers the perfect balance between the two. Also available in All Condition and Extreme tread patterns, there is a gravel tyre to suit every condition. For over 27 years Panaracer and ZyroFisher have worked together to provide sales and support to the UK trade. The Panaracer GravelKing is the No.1 aftermarket gravel tyre range and available to order now.

RRP: £49.99

Tundra Gravel Tyre
Brand: Hutchinson
Distributor: Windwave

The Tundra has been created in response to the increasing technicality in the gravel discipline. Designed for year-round riding, the Tundra is at home on everything from muddy woodland trails to super technical rocky descents. Its large volume of grip allows to optimise grip both flat and in curves and offers excellent braking performance. All the while maintaining a pleasant rolling central surface for road segments between two trails.

RRP: £39.95

G-One Overland
Brand: Schwalbe Tyres
Distributor: Multiple distributors

The e-bike-friendly gravel tyre for commuting and adventures. This new gravel tyre bridges the gap between gravel tyres and touring tyres. Combining Schwalbe’s mountain bike tyre technology with Addix Speed Grip compound and Super Ground carcass, the adventure will start right outside your door.

RRP: £64.99

CushCore Gravel / CX Tyre Insert
Brand: CushCore
Distributor: Silverfish UK

Go bigger – CushCore reduces impact force from big hits by 50%. Send it with total confidence. Corner harder – 35% more sidewall stability eliminates tyre squirm and burping, even at low tyre pressure. Rail corners with total confidence. Ride faster – CushCore provides a 12% smoother ride and 3% reduced rolling resistance. Ride with more control, more momentum, and less fatigue. It’s like taking fewer punches in a fight.

RRP: £84.99

ControlTech One Gravel 500 – 6061 Handlebars 500mm
Brand: ControlTech
Distributor: Bob Elliot & Co Ltd

‘Riser’ design means tops are raised above the level of the stem. This is great for riders who enjoy a more
upright and comfortable position. Strong and lightweight gravel bars made from 6061 aluminum, which comprises aluminum, magnesium and silicone. This combination is proven to increase strength to maximise every ounce of energy, while reducing weight for faster cycling.

RRP: £49.99

Escape GR Carbon 12 and 24 Degree Flare Gravel Handlebar
Brand: Ultimate
Distributor: USE

Bars are one of the most important components on your bike, that is why Ultimate USE Escape GR bars are engineered with a flare that is designed to splay after the hoods, ensuring that the controls are kept in a neutral, ergonomic position reducing arm pump and hand cramps on gravel trails or roads; paired with a choice of wider flares. 12° and 24° to ensure you have got total control.

RRP: £245

Gravel Handlebar
Brand: Acros
Distributor: Oxford

This wide gravel handlebar is made of aluminium and features laser-etched graphics that show you what it’s designed for: to escape your daily routine and go on adventures. Thanks to the wide tops (440 mm) and the additional flare in the drops, it doesn’t just provide a lot of control but also gives you plenty of space for a large handlebar bag and other accessories. Thanks to the pronounced 25° flare, the drop bar remains comfortable to hold onto long after your other body parts have started longing for a break.

RRP: £74.99

MX238 Gravel Shoe
Brand: Lake
Distributor: Moore Large

The MX238 Gravel offers gravel riders the comfort and performance of a road shoe with the walkability of an MTB shoe without the addition of excessive weight or an overbuilt upper, this is packaged in classy material finishes.

RRP: £270

Telos TR2 Bikepack Tent
Brand: Sea to Summit
Distributor: Mountain Boot Co

Two-person, freestanding ultralight bikepacking tent with best-in-class space, climate control and versatility for the ultimate three-season camp experience.

RRP: £600

Z Adventure C2
Brand: Zefal
Distributor: Chicken CycleKit

This frame bag has been designed to accompany all cycling adventurers, whether on road, gravel, mountain bikes or hikers. Available in three volumes, the Z Adventure C2, C3 and C4 can be mounted on all bikes using the removable and adjustable straps.

RRP: £28.99

Discover bags
Brand: Pro
Distributor: Madison

Pro’s Discover range is designed to help riders discover the freedom of riding off the beaten path or doing a spot of bikepacking. From frame bags designed for longer trips all the way down to top tube bags for a shorter day out, there’s a range of on-bike luggage that has you covered whatever your plans. All are designed to be tough, waterproof and easy to pack/easily accessible. The frame and handlebar bags are designed with adjustable Velcro straps so that they’re adaptable to a wide range of frame sizes and shapes.

RRP: £59.99-£149.99

Seat-Pack QR
Brand: Ortlieb
Distributor: Lyon Cycle

Thanks to the unique Seat-Lock attachment system, the Seat-Pack QR is quickly and securely mounted and just as speedily removed, completely residue-free. An adapter even enables the use of a dropper post, making the innovative Seat-Pack QR suitable for a variety of bikes.

RRP: £155

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