BikeBiz March is now available

The March issue of BikeBiz is now available online.

Our third edition of 2019 explores Tannus’ new Armour insert, what Brexit will mean for the cycling industry, the role of repairs and servicing in retail, and this year’s COREbike.

Let’s play a game
Kevin Burton presents an all-too-familiar scenario from bike shops around the country.

Could e-bikes kill the car?
Jim Cregan, founder of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, explains why he swapped his Mercedes C63 for a sustainable Tern GSD.

The ‘bike-ocalypse’, or just change?
Mark Hallinger offers many questions and the beginnings of an answer on surviving turbulent times.

Foam is where the heart is
Tannus chats to BikeBiz about its new Armour insert, developed with the Aither technology, and what sets it apart in the market.

Addressing the ‘B’ word
BikeBiz speaks to three importers from the cycling industry regarding the UK’s impending exit from the European Union, and what it might mean for the future.

CORE blimey!
Rebecca Morley speaks to Rouleur’s Chris Holman to gather his thoughts on this year’s COREbike, before reflecting on the brands and products on show.

Evolving with the times
Make do and mend or make and break? Laura Laker talks to five local bike shops about the role of repairs and servicing in their retail offering.

Giving something back
Upgrade sales manager Matt Killick speaks to Rebecca Morley about the IBD programme, which offers 100 products from its catalogue exclusively to IBDs.

Closing the gap
GB cyclists have fronted a national campaign to boost women’s cycling by one million by 2020…

Building a healthier future
More cycling could prevent 34,000 life-threatening illnesses in seven major cities by 2040, says Sustrans.

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