Sorry about that folks. The interactive parts of this site will be down until, perhaps, Tuesday. Here's why... will be ‘read only’ for up to three days

We’re changing our servers over. It’s no terribly difficult to do the repointing but we will suffer from an inbuilt admin delay before the changeover takes place.

We’ve started the process but our repointing request has to be given the nod from NetBenefit’s accounts department.

Tech support at NetBenefit says this nod can take up to three working days.

So, it may not be until Tuesday when you can vote on the online polls and add comments to the bulletin board. The site will still be readable and will only disappear for a wee while once the last stage of the transfer is reached. The downtime is likely to be measured in minutes rather than days.

Sorry for this hiatus in interactivity – and no news – but the changeover has been left until the weekend to minimise the disruption.

From Tuesday next week the new server will be in place and a lot of background tweaks will have been made to the site.

In other news...

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