Local police plan workshops to tackle spike in stolen bicycles

Bike theft spirals in North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire Police are urging cyclists in the area to be vigilant in the face of increased bike thefts, as reported by The Yorkshire Post.

A massive increase in cycling in the area has led to a simultaneous rise in crime, with a particular rise in York over the Christmas period, according to the Force.

A series of crime prevention workshops are in the works, designed to help cyclists reduce the chances of theft.

Mick Brown, manager and director of Bike Rescue project in York told the paper: "Bicycle crime seems to have gone up so much in the past few months.”

"There has been a massive increase in cycling over the past few years and bike crime has gone up with that.

"Generally these bikes are being taken from big places like the university and colleges and either get sold for £10 for drugs or a lot of the bikes are taken to be stripped. "Some of the bikes taken are relatively expensive but usually it is just the easiest ones to take that are being targeted."

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