Bike Floss maker Purple Harry was set up by two, cleaning-obsessed cyclists (neither called Harry).

Bike Floss reaches part of the market other bike cleaners can’t reach

Purple Harry was set-up in 2010 and has trade distribution via Fisher Outdoor Leisure. The firm’s headline product is Bike Floss, a set of abrasive pipe-cleaners which can clean the hard-to-reach areas on rear cassette, derailleurs, chainrings, and brake calipers. 

To date, cyclists clean such areas with bits of rag or specialist brushes. But nothing quite hits the spot, believes Dean Perry, co-founder of Purple Harry.

The business was set-up with Richard Hargreaves.

The pair originally sought to create a type of industrial dental floss – but tape didn’t work. However, when Perry saw his daughter’s school project made from craft pipe cleaners the solution became obvious. A manufacturer was sourced who made industrial specification product with abrasive qualities.

As well as Bike Floss – which gets rave reviews in magazine tests – and a Bike Wash Mitt, Purple Harry produces a cleaner and degreaser, a maintenance spray, and a frame polish: all are non-aerosol. 

So, where does Harry fit in? Harry is the purple, cycling Hippo seen in the firm’s logo.

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