This steel tube is not just real, it's super-light. 953 tubing is aimed at custom framebuilders but whispers from mainstream bike manufacturers suggest it could become an alternative to carbon for high-end road bikes.

Bike builders embrace Reynolds 953

Reynolds 953 "takes steel alloys into a new league," says the British company guided by tech experts in the US.

This’martensitic-aging’ stainless steel alloy can achieve tensile strength in excess of 2000MPa. It’s strong, OK.

According to Reynolds, 953 offers the resilient ride of steel "since small diameter tubes can be used."

The tubing is also corrosion resistant, so painting is not needed

The material can b coldworked so that butted profiles down to 0.3mm wall thicknesses for low weight are possible. Fittings like rear drop-outs, BB shell and head tube will also be available in 953.

953 was developed by Reynolds and Carpenter Specialty Alloys of the US.

Bike builders will be producing frames in 953 from February 2006. The tubeset will be mainly used by custom framebuilders but after a successful launch at Interbike, some mainstream bike builders are also planning to run with it.

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