Bianchi reveals the Aria model

Bianchi has introduced a new model to its aero road category.

The Aria is a performance-oriented aero road bike built for speed. With the Aria, Bianchi has extended its range of aero road bikes with an all-new model based on a highly aerodynamic frame-fork system, equipped for any road race and easily set-up for triathlon events.

The aerodynamic design was heavily inspired by Bianchi’s extensive wind-tunnel testing and cooperation with pro riders. To achieve the full aerodynamic performance desired, the brand shaped the tubes’ profiles and their structural combination to manipulate the wind’s resistance, resulting in the lowest drag possible.

For the rider, full aerodynamic performance meant creating a position that allows for the least air resistance – this can only be achieved with a frame and fork geometry that allows for an advanced tuck position, and an ideal racing geometry.

For more information on the new bike, head to the Bianchi website here.

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