Up for grabs - in trade lots - is half a million quid's worth of Adidas clothing and shoes, Lazer helmets, Mavic rims, and Sci-con and Undergear P&A.

BHW’s stock goes under the hammer in Manchester

BHW Ltd has gone pop and an auction firm acting on behalf of the appointed insolvency practioner involved with the BHW case is to auction all of the Wirral company’s stock.

The stock has been lotted in trade size lots and consists of Adidas clothing amnd footwear, Lazer helmets, Undergear sports underwear, Sci-con accessories and Mavic rims. The estimated retail value of this stock is £500 000.

There are at 1200+ pairs of Adidas cycling shoes, thousands of Adidas garments, and 700 Lazer helmets.

The auction will take place at the premises of Robson Kay in Baguley, South Manchester, on Tuesday 26th November at 11am. The stock will be available for viewing on Monday 25th November between 12 noon – 4.30pm and on Tuesday 26th November from 10am.

The catalogue for this auction will soon be available on-line at Robson Kay’s website, although bidders will still need to purchase a £1 catalogue at the door.

Bidders will be required to purchase a catalogue at the door (price £1) in order to gain admittance to viewing/auction.

Bidders are required to lodge a refundable deposit of £200 to obtain a bidding card.



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