In November, following a story on, helmet-compulsion charity Cycle-Smart promised to change its name – it has yet to do so.

BHIT to Cycle-Smart to what? Name clash yet to be resolved

In November, following a story on, helmet-compulsion charity Cycle-Smart promised to change its name because of clashes with a number of earlier organisations also called Cycle Smart – it has yet to do so.

The Cycle-Smart Foundation was originally called The Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust. BikeBiz pointed out that there were a number of Cycle Smart organisations already in existence as well as a Disney-sponsored campaign owned by the Department for Transport. The new name was unveiled by comedian Hugh Dennis at BHIT’s annual gala dinner in November.

Disney and the Department for Transport jointly promoted a Cycle Smart campaign some years ago. There’s a Cycle-smart dotcom in America (it’s a cyclo-cross training company and consultancy) and in Australia there’s a cycle insurance product called Cycle Smart. Surrey has a DriveSmart and CycleSmart campaign and Stoke has a cycle-specific Cycle Smart campaign.

BHIT was created in 1998 by Angela Lee, a nurse consultant in paediatric trauma and orthopaedics. She is the organisation’s chief executive.

The switch to a new name "reflects the charity’s commitment to all aspects of safer cycling for children," said a statement from BHIT.

Lee said: “The charity will still be working to protect young cyclists but we believe the new name reflects the fact we encourage not only the use of cycle helmets but other safer cycling measures such as high visibility clothing, bike lights, cycle training and bicycle maintenance.”

The charity has distributed more than 50,000 free and cheap cycle helmets. BHIT says "cyclists of all ages are 16 times more likely to be killed per hour cycled than car drivers." (Usually by car drivers.)

BHIT had income of £193,000 in 2011 and had £100,000 less in 2013. In 2012 the charity spent £21,000 more than it brought in.

BHIT has long been a vigorous supporter of helmet compulsion laws.

Following the BIkeBiz story in November, Lee was contacted by Adam Myerson, president of Cycle-Smart, Inc of America and she was told the use of "Cycle Smart" would sow confusion in the marketplace (Cycle Smart sells DVDs and other materials in the UK). Lee promised to change the organisation’s name once again but that the switch would "take a few weeks."

The Cycle Smart Foundation has yet to change its name.

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