Beryl bikes cycled 45,000 kilometres in Hereford

Beryl’s hybrid dockless bikes have been cycled 45,000 kilometres, three months into the bike share scheme being introduced in Hereford.

The British urban cycling brand launched its micro-mobility system in the city early in August this year.

In partnership with Herefordshire Council and with the support of local logistics firm Pedicargo, Beryl has now grown the scheme to 188 bikes and 38 parking bays, all being used frequently throughout the city as a means of commuting or for leisurely rides.

Beryl bikes are unlocked through the Beryl app and can be picked up and dropped off at marked ‘Beryl Bays’ which have been selected with Herefordshire Council to best meet the community’s needs. Riders have three payment choices of Pay-As-You-Ride (£1 unlock fee and 5p per minute), Minute Bundles (no unlock fee and bundles starting at 100 minutes for £5) or Day Passes (24 hours of unlimited riding for £12).

CEO of Beryl Philip Ellis said: “We are thrilled that the distance cycled in Hereford reinforces the positive impact a bike share system can have on smaller cities. It’s commonly thought that bike-sharing is made for large cities only. However, the United Kingdom’s urban landscape has huge variety and shows there is an appetite for micro-mobility across many different communities.”

He added: “Beryl has been thoroughly impressed by the level of community support and we would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners at Pedicargo, Herefordshire Council and the people of Hereford for making these first three months so successful.”

Councillor John Harrington, cabinet member for infrastructure and transport, added: “We are delighted at the way people across Hereford have embraced Beryl’s bikes, cycling them so far within the first three months.

“It’s great to see the city taking the scheme under its wing and much credit must go to Beryl Bikes and Pedicargo, as well as our own Council officers who have championed the scheme. If you give people options to travel a different way they will take them, especially when travelling by Beryl is simple, affordable, an invigorating boost for health and wellbeing and great for the environment, so why not join the fun and hop on a Beryl? Cycling is not for everyone but most of us could and should do more of it, especially within the city!”

Pedicargo has been managing the daily operations and maintenance of Beryl’s scheme, ensuring the service is always running at full capacity. Pedicargo’s Will Vaughan said: “When we were approached by Beryl to run its operations in Hereford we couldn’t have imagined just how well the City would embrace the scheme.”

“By outsourcing some of the mechanical work to the local cycle charity, Hereford Cycle Hub, we have also enabled the scheme to provide a platform for people to get on their own bikes and ride.”

Earlier this month, Beryl suspended its cycle hire scheme in Enfield just three months after arriving in the borough.

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