Belt drives on IKEA bikes “at risk of snapping”

Ikea’s range of Sladda bikes has been recalled due to a belt drive defect which may cause the component to “snap”.

A statement released by the company read: “IKEA has been informed and advised by a well-established component supplier to recall all Sladda bicycles, due to safety issues with the drive belt. The drive belt can suddenly snap, which in turn can lead to falls.

“For this reason, IKEA is recalling all Sladda bicycles. IKEA has received 11 reports of such incidents, with two minor injuries consisting of bruises and scratches.

“Customers that have a SLADDA bicycle should stop using it and return the bike to any IKEA store for a full refund. Accessories specifically designed to fit with Sladda will also be refunded. Proof of purchase/receipt is not required.

“IKEA apologise for any inconvenience and want to thank all customers for their understanding.”

The Swedish company released its bicycle range in August 2016, with pumps, bike bags and pannier racks making up a significant part of the collection.

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