Belgium’s Bakala Academy designs ‘world first’ isokinetic trainer

The Bakala Academy, based in Leuven, Belgium, has released a new isokinetic bike that improves performance testing for professional cyclists.

Bakala Academy claims that its bike is the first to truly give riders a picture of their abilities that closely matches race day performance. The test system is said to be unique in that it allows cyclists to use their own bicycle frames.

An isokinetic strength test involves cyclists delivering as much power as possible at a fixed cadence. This is one of the only ways for professional cyclists to identify strength imbalances and pedaling techniques.

“We’ve been using isokinetic tests for several years already, but the design left much to be desired,” said Professor Peter Hespel from the Department of Movement Sciences. Bakala Academy joined forces with product design company Comate and set out to create an isokinetic test bike that would be useful to professional cyclists. Two years later, the updated and improved device is ready for use.

“Unique about this system is the fact that we can fit cyclists’ own customized bicycle frame onto the set-up. This allows for maximum performance, with results similar to those in an actual race,” he added.

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