The International Cycle Convention, set for its third annual outing at the Harrogate Convention Centre in 2003, is no more. Nothing has yet been put in its place but it's likely that the Bicycle Association will once again link up with David Hyde.

BA cancels Harrogate show

Hyde has a roadshow format for both autumn and spring.

The BA has yet to annoint Hyde as favoured show organiser but he’s clearly the front runner. Hyde cancelled his own static show at the NEC earlier this year.

In a letter to BA members, BA president Patrick Barker said:

"We are hopeful that we will be able to arrive at an agreement with David that will deliver a clear event calendar for 2003 and generate the revenue need to support the work of [the Bicycle Association]."

Hyde has long promised to split show profits with the BA, a topic that has generated much debate from members of the BA council.

"It is clear that market conditions are changing," said Barker.

"The viability of large-scale, high-cost trade shows is increasingly doubtful."

In the recent past there have been too many trade shows to attend, with visitor numbers at both the Birmingham and Harrogate shows being well down on years when they industry was a tad more united.

ICC2003 in Harrogate already had bookings but has now been definitively shelved.

Barker is aware the BA cannot please all the people all the time:

"Although it would be unrealistic to expect to achieve complete unanimity, we hope that this will reduce the likelihood of a repeat of the over-crowded event calendar of 2002 that has been unsatisfactory for exhibitors and visitors alike."

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