Report by The Austrian Auto Club reports that the countries cyclists cover 1.62 billion km last year

Austrian cyclists cut CO2 by 299,000 tons

Cyclists in Austria are saving hundreds of thousands of tonnes of co2 from polluting the atmosphere by being an incredibly cycle friendly country, a report has stated.

The report by the Austrian Auto Club, says that cyclists in the European country covered an astonishing 1.62 billion kilometres on their bicycles. This figure is up from 1.4 billion in 2006.

Emissions expert, Martin Blum, predicted that the distance covered by bike, as opposed to taking the journeys by car, has saved 299,000 tonnes of co2 from entering the atmosphere.

Blum suggested that higher fuel costs, health trends and the climate conscious have all been contributing factors to the increase in kilometres cycled.

Photo credit- NOAA

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