Here's how the David Wilsher artic idea (mentioned on the bulletin board on Tuesday) might look...

Any truck with this idea?

David Wilsher, president of the ACT, had an idea. Mount a travelling pro-cycling exhibition on a truck and tour it round the country.

"One second hand truck. One driver. Budget £100,000. Decal the truck with all participants logos, drop side with a

fantastic display of bikes.

"Attend all the county shows, air shows, large fetes around the UK. Tie up with the British Heart Foundation, health

authorities and promote cycling as the healthy way to live.

"In the winter the truck can visit universities, large schools etc. More people would see this truck at events and on the road.

"This has to be better than bus shelter advertising, tried in the past and failed. TV advertising is forgotten the next day and

would take a budget of at least £500 000.

"Cycle shops would be contacted to say where the vehicle would be sited in their areas, they can then participate in the


This idea was dismissed by myself and others but then I saw this pantechnion at the Retail Interiors show at the NEC

yesterday. The pictures don’t do it justice. It’s a mega rig with a mega pull out display.

An idea worth pursuing then?

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