Channel 4s coverage of this years Tour de France is a bit erratic. The programme schedulers seem to be playing with our loyalties: do you set the video or watch the extra programmes that few will hear about?

All over the shop?

The bumping of the Tour de France from a mid-evening peak viewing slot to a 12.30pm graveyard shift isnt set to last, the programme reverts to a more traditional slot soon. But instead of 7pm its going to be 5.30pm which still means setting the video for most people.

Thats fine for keenies but fewer uncommitted viewers will go to these lengths.

Tonight the coverage is scheduled for a post-midnight slot but theres also an unscheduled extra 20-minute programme at 7.40pm.

On Wednesday (Stage 5) its back on at 12.20am but by Thursday reverts to 5.30pm. Friday is the same but the Saturday coverage is on a 11.50pm. Bonkers or what?!

Weve called Channel 4 to check on their methodology but have yet to reach somebody who can tell us the reason for the erratic scheduling. Well report back when we collar a high-up.


The internet coverage from Channel 4 is excellent (you can even download the dulcet tones of Phil Liggett commentating on the previous day’s race).

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