Last month carried a story about FSA's take on the Cane Creek pulling of the Aheadset license from FSA/Tien Hsin. Now Cane Creek tells global partners its patent is defendable, contrary to opinion circulated by Tien Hsin

Aheadset battle deepens

FSA’s take on the matter was published on on May 30th.

On June 8th, Cane Creek – owner of the Aheadet threadless headset patent – sent a fax to "U.S, European, and Canadian Bicycle Assembers, Manufacturers and Distributors of threadless headsets."

Cane Creek president Brad Thorne said:

‘Cane Creek has become aware of an opinion that has been circulated by Tien Hsin, expressing the opinion of a Taiwanese attorney concerning out US Patent No. 5,095,770 and its scope and validity. However according to our patent attorney, our patent is valid and legitimate and that the FAS threadless headsets in use with this patent are covered."

Cane Creek terminated its patent license and supply contract with Tien Hsin of Taiwan in April.

Horne told suppliers the main Aheadset licensees in Taiwan are Fasten Industries, Tange Seiki and VP Components.

Other suppliers which retain licensing rights include Race Face, Syncros, King Cycle Group, Ritchey Design, Dia-Compe, Hope Technology and DT Swiss.

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