has released a new version of its Bluetooth module, allowing cellphones to become power and cadence measuring cycle computers. Just don't laugh at the horse sounds.

Torque on your phone, a division of Bass Object Technologies Inc., has released a new version of its bicycle computer software for mobile devices. It includes a Java application and a specially designed Bluetooth wireless sensor. The application runs on any Java enabled mobile devices. Bluetooth is used for wireless connectivity to the sensor, attached to a bicycle’s wheel.

The Bluetooth wireless sensor is said to be 250 times more accurate than cycling computers with spoke based magnetic switches.

"This high accuracy is achieved from using a highly sensitive magnetic field sensor. It is capable of detecting as little as 1.5 degree of wheel rotation or less than 1 cm of linear motion," said the device inventor, Vladimir Savchenko, of Bass Object Technologies.

"This new sensing technology opens a door to accurately measure speed and distance as well as torque and even cadence without any additional sensors."

The travel data can be uploaded to a computer in spreadsheet format for training analysis.

All good so far. But then comes the off-the-wall bit. Savchenko’s device turns the cellphone into a sound simulator.

"Cars and pedestrians often collide with cyclists on busy streets because they just can’t hear an approaching bicycle. Imagine, if your bicycle could sound like a Harley, or a horse, or even a steam train? You would definitely get their attention."

There’s background info and a jaw-dropping YouTube video of the horse/bike combo here.

SoundOfMotion 2.0 has been released for the North American market. Savchenko is seeking to sign licensing deals for its patent-pending technology to be used outside of the USA.

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