Absoluteblack launches new chainring for SRAM T-Type transmission

Absoluteblack has launched its latest chainring creation, specifically designed for new T-Type transmission.

Overall, the chainring design has been updated from the brand’s traditional style to a new one, which enhances the overall look of the new transmission groupset.

However, the biggest change is made in the teeth design to fully adapt to the new breed of chains.

SRAM’s T-Type chain differs from more conventional chains with its distinctive flat side.

Further differences can also be found on the inside of the chain with the most significant of those variations being the smaller distances between the inner and outer link plates and the larger diameter of each chain roller.

The smaller distance between the link plates results in less space for the chainring tooth inside the chain. The profiles of chainring teeth designed for more conventional chains are thicker as there is more distance between the inner plates of these chains.

If a narrower, T-Type chain is used on those more “conventional” chainrings, the space between the tooth and the inner plate is not big enough for contamination (mud, sand, etc) resulting in meshing problems and chain drops.

Therefore, chainring teeth for the T-Type chain must be thinner to allow reliable and consistent performance.

Even though the distance between the pins of the T-Type chain and the more conventional chains is the same, the larger diameter of each roller on the T-Type chain leaves less space between the rollers.

If the T-Type chain is used on chainring teeth designed for more conventional 11 or 12-speed chains, the larger rollers do not fully fall into the wells between the teeth, resulting in the chain riding higher on each tooth, increasing the risk of derailment and wear.

For that reason, chainring teeth for the T-Type chain must also have larger wells between them.

Absoluteblack’s T-Type-specific teeth profiles are symmetrical and include new, patent-pending, mud release features.

Each wide tooth has a horizontal channel, about halfway up its height, to allow better cleaning of contaminants which is important with new narrower chains.

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A spokesperson for the brand said: “From our experience and our customers’ feedback, we know that the area, where the back of the crank arm is closest to the chainring, is especially prone to mud and contamination buildup.

“We have modified one of the wide teeth in this area to improve mud and contamination release. It is now thinner, to allow better contamination clearing.”

The new Absoluteblack chainring is available in black, gold, titanium, and red, with 3mm offset in 28-36T, with more options due to be announced.

Absoluteblack’s 28T option weighs in at a reported 54g, 30T at 58g, 32T at 64g, 34T at 71g, and 36T at 78g.

RRP for the product is £85.99 and it is available for pre-order at the brand’s UK exclusive distributor, Velobrands, with stock expected to arrive in early July.


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