Aberdeen Cycle Forum plans demonstration over ‘lack of cycling infrastructure’

The Aberdeen Cycle Forum is planning a ride in the centre of the city on 28th April to highlight “the need for segregated cycling infrastructure in Aberdeen”.

“It’s not good enough to put cyclists in bus lanes or to erect share and care signs,” a post on its website said. “To make cycling accessible for everyone we need segregated cycling infrastructure. The question we need to ask ourselves is, ‘Can an unaccompanied 12-year-old cycle safely here?’ and if the answer is no, we have work to do.”

It will be meeting at 11am outside Marischal College and cycling a circuit, going down Upperkirgate first. The post added: “You can ride the circuit as many times as you like and can go at whatever pace is comfortable. With hundreds of us all cycling together it will be safe because of the safety in numbers effect.

“Feel free to dress-up or decorate your bike. This is a demonstration about the lack of infrastructure for cycling but we want it to be fun at the same time.”

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