83% of UK ‘picked up cycling again due to lockdown’

83% of people have picked up cycling again as a result of lockdown, research by Cyclescheme has found.

The study, which coincides with Cycle to Work Day, explored how lockdown has impacted mental health and the nation’s hobbies with cycling topping the resurgence charts, followed by reading (82%) and yoga (79%).

It also found that almost a quarter (24%) of people wouldn’t have started an exercise regime if it wasn’t for lockdown and 20% of people stated they have been able to focus on their mental health more.

Out of those people who are cycling more because of lockdown, most of them (77%) said they plan to continue to do so afterwards and more people (12%) also now plan to use cycling as a means of transport to and from work.

“As many lockdown measures are easing, it’s fantastic to see that as a nation we want to continue the good habits we’ve picked up,” said Adrian Warren, director at Cyclescheme and chair of the Cycle to Work Alliance. “Whether it’s cycling or walking, the longer-term impact of lockdown will have a positive influence on everything from the environment to our fitness levels.

“The challenge will be ensuring those changes stick but through making small changes where possible, for example, cycling to work or taking better care of our health, we can all ensure we make these positive habits a permanent fixture in our lives.”

Robbie George, British Cycling education manager, added: “It’s been amazing to see so many families discovering the joy of getting out and riding together over the past few months, and enjoying all of the physical and mental health benefits which come with it.

“The challenge now is to make those good habits stick, and through our free resources and the additional support announced by the Government last week, we’re really optimistic that many of those old bikes will be staying out of the shed for good.”

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