370 Halfords stores to accept trade-in bikes for Re~Cycle charity

From now until 15th October, 370 Halfords stores nationwide will accept trade-in bikes. These bikes – which must be be in “reasonable condition” – will be sent to the cycles-to-Africa charity Re~Cycle of Colchester. Those dropping off bikes will get Halfords discount vouchers worth 10 percent off a new bike.

“Reasonable condition” means any complete bike, even if it has flat tyres, missing spokes, a broken or missing chain, or broken or missing cables.

“[Halfords] can’t accept bikes with bent or cracked frames, as well as bikes that are over 25 percent rust or are missing wheels,” said a Re~Cycle statement.

Re~Cycle has been working with Halfords since 2013. It has also worked with independent bicycle stores, such as Action Bikes.

Re~Cycle collects second-hand bikes, parts and tools in the UK shipping them to African countries where local partners teach people how to repair and maintain the bikes, helping them to improve their lives in a sustainable way.

Founder Merlin Matthews said: “Millions of unwanted bicycles are rusting in garages or being thrown away in the UK while in Africa, a four-hour daily walk is common – mothers collecting clean water, parents trekking to the farm, factory or market, or children facing a 20-mile walk to school and back.

“Many of the bicycles we ship out are used by nurses, midwives and health care workers who visit patients in villages, helping them get to treat more people by reducing journey times.”

The charity was founded in 1997 and has so far shipped more than 70,000 bicycles to Africa. Chris Boardman became the charity’s patron earlier this year.

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