Parallel to the strike impacting the BBC, there will be only a limited amount of news on today following a walk-out by staff. The strike was called to protest at job cuts at Benton Bridge Cottage.

24-hour strike impacts news coverage on

A spokesman for Benton Bridge Cottage (BBC), HQ for and sister magazine BicycleBusiness, said the industrial action was "regrettable" but that everything "will be done to keep the tea, er sorry, news, flowing."

The strike was called after the corporation’s director-general announced deep job cuts in key departments, including editorial, design and IT.

"I’ve been very slow at publishing issue 64 of BicycleBusiness thanks to delays caused by the wrong kind of leaves falling on the BikeBizBible," said site owner, Carlton Reid, editor/publisher at BBC.

"So I decided to sack parts of myself."

The industrial action started at midnight and will go on for the rest of the day and into the evening.

The BikeBizBible was mailed on Friday and BBC insiders believe issue 64 of BicycleBusiness will be along soon afterwards.

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