Peter Flaschner, "an ex-bike store owner", said on a Business Week blog that bike shops should be producing web logs but "my bike business brethren are not quick to pick up technology or marketing trends."

Ex-IBD says antique dealers will blog before bike shops

Flaschner said: "I expect to see antique dealers and other specialty retailers get on the blog train long before bike shops get on board."

He was responding to a Business Week link to the new blog from US PR consultant, Jonathan Maus.

Just Riding Along from Maus muses on the bike trade and the potential of PR.

Maus wants more bike shops to start blogging. Why?

"Affordability. Blogs cost nothing to create (except for the time). Visibility. A blog will be indexed higher in search engines than your existing website. Interactivity. Blogs are alive. With regular posts and comments, your customers will see your shop as a vibrant place."

He said content could include "new product lines you’ve started carrying. Arrivals of new product. Photos of cool bikes you’re building up. Photos from shop rides. Tip and tricks on bike set-up and maintenance."

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