As expected, "injurious imports" from China will be slapped with 48.5 percent duties, an increase and an extension of the existing anti-dumping tariffs on Chinese bikes. Of concern to UK bike importers, the European Commission also nodded through 34.5 percent duties on bikes produced in Vietnam. The UK is the EU's biggest importer of Vietnamese bikes. Well, was.

19 to 4, EU votes for anti-dumping tariffs to protect Euro bicycle industry

Last year Raleigh was one of the UK companies heavily reliant on imports from Vietnam. Since getting wind of the probable duties to be imposed on Vietnamese bike factories, Raleigh and other mainstream suppliers have started sourcing from other countries as well as Vietnam.

The EU’s dumping investigation was launched in April 2004 at the behest of the Paris-based European Bicycle Manufacturer’s Association.

The new duties will come into force by 12th July, following rubber-stamping from the European Council.

The European Commission’s anti-dumping committee is made up of members from each of the EU25 nations. 19 voted for the duties, four voted against and there were two absentions.

Want to know the full gory details? Are you prepared to wade through page after page of turgid Euro-speak?

Download this PDF of the relevant Proposal for a Council Regulation…/com2005_0249en01.pdf

Just want the highlights? Here’s the executive summary:

The purpose of these investigations was to examine whether the existing measures on imports of bicycles from the People’s Republic of China were no longer sufficient to counteract the dumping which was causing injury

and whether the imports from Vietnam were dumped, thereby also causing injury.

The investigation showed that the current level of measures on imports of bicycles originating in the People’s republic of China was no longer sufficient to ensure the elimination of the injurious dumping. It was therefore concluded that the current level of duties had to be increased. Furthermore, it was found that imports of bicycles originating in Vietnam were dumped and caused injury. It was therefore concluded that anti-dumping measures have to be imposed on imports from Vietnam. The Member States were consulted regarding this review. Nineteen Member States supported and four Member States opposed the proposal. Two Member States abstained.

It is therefore proposed that the Council adopts the attached proposal for a Regulation which should be published in the Official Journal of the European Union by 12 July at the latest.

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