According to the Central News Agency of China, the price of Taiwan bicycles has risen to an average of $213 per unit in the first quarter of this year, say statistics released by Taiwan's Directorate General of the Budget, Accounting and Statistics.

Taiwan blames 9/11 for bike production drop

DGBAS officials report bicycle sales of NT$10.1 billion during the first three months of this year.

"Taiwan produced on average 7.28 million bicycles every year in the 1980s, reaching its zenith at 10.74 million bicycles in 1987," says a report on MyEGov, the Taiwanese government website.

"The number started to decline after cheap price competition from China and Vietnam as well as the exodus of manufacturers. The production averaged around eight million units in the 1990s. Affected by the global recession around 2000 and the 911 terrorist attacks on the United States, Taiwan’s largest bicycle importer, the production has continued to drop and only slightly rebounded last year to reach 4.95 million units, although the number still represents a decrease of nearly 40 percent from the 1990s."

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