CTC tackles lax attitudes to bad driving

‘Stop SMIDSY’ says CTC

UK national cyclists’ organisation CTC has launched a major new safety campaign – ‘Stop SMIDSY’. The organisation is tackling SMIDSY, or a ‘Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You’ culture, where cyclists brush off dangerous incidents instead of reporting bad driving.

The CTC wants riders to report crashes, near misses, dangerous and threatening behaviour and the following reaction from police, prosecutors and courts.

Cyclists can make their reports at www.stop-smidsy.org.uk from which the CTC will build up a picture of how cyclists are really treated by other road users – and ultimately changing driver attitudes and improve road safety for cyclists.

Riders can also get advice on dealing with bad driving, find information on the law and even seek legal advice via CTC’s claims line.

“Stop SMIDSY is about giving cyclists the opportunity to speak out about what’s happening on our roads,” said CTC campaigns coordinator Debra Rolfe.

“Far too many drivers are getting away with just saying ‘sorry’, rather than being taken to task for their poor road skills. That’s why we’re calling on anyone who cycles to help Stop SMIDSY.”

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