Zwift bringing back Off The MAAP series

Zwift is bringing back the Off The MAAP series, starting on 3rd August.

The Off the MAAP tour is a multi-stage cycling tour that challenges Zwifters to ride the roads less travelled, all while kitted up in apparel with an exclusive jersey designed by MAAP.

Four stages await as Zwifters will have to ride the Watopian Wildlands, London Outskirts, New York Skyroads and Yumezi backcountry. “Want to be fully immersed and go truly Off the MAAP? Why not hide the display while you ride and be one with the road. Press H and get a landscape-only view of the map. The chat, leaderboard, and wattage windows will disappear, but your Zwift selfies will be better than ever. If you’re a social butterfly, you can still use Zwift Companion to chat. Find out how to hide your display here,” said a statement.

Upon completing all four stages of the tour, Zwifters will be sent an email with an exclusive offer to purchase the official Off the MAAP kit for themselves.

Learn more about the event series and how to sign up here:

Read the July issue of BikeBiz below:


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