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Zoomo announces new supercharged utility e-bike to supplant petrol mopeds

Zoomo has announced its ‘highest performance utility e-bike yet’, the Zoomo One, built to supplant petrol mopeds and accelerate the move towards carbon-neutral cities.

Built to be best-in-class for delivery, the bike offers ‘unparalleled’ speed, safety features including advanced LED lighting, real-time location safety tracking, and 60kg carrying capacity.

The bike is designed to keep drivers on the road for a full working day, with a 1kwh swappable battery as a base, and options to expand capacity.

The Zoomo One is fully customisable, including modular fairings for custom branding, colours and logos. The bike is also fitted with advanced IOT and security features, such as integrated GPS, cellular modem, Bluetooth and accelerometer to provide data, insights and vehicle control capabilities and simplify fleet management.

Zoomo offers a turn-key solution that includes fleet management software, vehicle maintenance and financing options.

“The Zoomo One will be the end of the petrol moped,” said Mina Nada, Zoomo CEO and co-founder. “It is a true sector disruptor that displaces noisy and pollutive mopeds, and provides the most sustainable way to deliver bulky packages – all within 10-minute delivery timeframes.

“We are on the precipice of an EV revolution across the globe, and the Zoomo One will be a critical catalyst in fuelling this transition. The Zoomo One will be an obvious smart substitute to smaller, gas-vehicles on our roads.”

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The bike will be available for purchase with an RRP of £3,000 (ex. VAT) with additional options for software, servicing and financing prices also tailored depending on fleet size.

The Zoomo One will be available in the UK and Europe from H2, 2022, and in the United States from H1, 2022. Register your interest here.

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