Hamax and Weldtite are reaching out to consumers with online videos. Weldtite has produced a series of 'how to' bicycle maintenance shorts and the Norwegian company has posted a promo video of the brand new and innovative Hamax Plus childseat-and-pannier system. UPDATE: Dahon also embeds YouTube videos on its site.

YouTube pumps out content for bike firms

Weldtite has seen 5, 696 downloads of its ‘washing and lubing your bike’ video and 1,481 downloads of its ‘how to repair a puncture’ short.

The ‘fix a flat’ video is basic, a feature appreciated by the target audience.

After watching the six minute video, one consumer wrote: "I am ashamed to admit that I never realised what the hooks on tyre levers were for. Now I know they are there to hook on to the spokes and stop the lever from springing out from under the bead."

The maintenance videos are also shown in schools via Weldtite’s Weldtech training and outreach scheme.

Weldtite’s Hamish Stewart said:

"We train people of all abilities from school children to adult mechanics. The online videos, saved to a laptop, are a great way of teaching school children the basics and they are also fun to watch. They have been incorporated into our courses with massive success amongst the juniors.

"The videos answer questions that people are sometimes embarrased to ask the local retailer. They feel that they should somehow know the answer to their question or that they are depriving the dealer of work."

Weldtite’s maintenance videos for new cyclists have been embedded on the company’s website. There are ten more to come, with the second series being on advanced bike maintenance topics. There’s also a YouTube bike maintenance group where consumers can be notified to all future videos.

Norwegian company Hamax has also started to use YouTube. It has just uploaded a video walkthrough of its Hamax PLUS transportation system. This is a childseat, pannier and basket system. It has beefy suspension, a hidden mini-pump in the rack, a rear LED, and shaped, 14-litre pannier bags. The no-tool rack is the core of the new system. The bike rack has rails for snapping on bike bags, a shopping basket and child seat.

But, of course, a picture paints a thousand words so here’s the Hamax promo video.

Hamax is distributed in the UK by Fisher Outdoor Leisure.

Fisher Outdoor is also the UK distributor for Dahon folding bikes. And the folks at Dahon have pointed us to the YouTube videos they’ve uploaded. There are seven of them, click here to see the list.

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