Electronic point of Sale software specialists Merlin and Mane.com have sent bikebiz.co.uk details of their latest products. One is a non bike trade specific Windows-based system; t’other is a £100 cut-down version of a Windows-based £2000 package. (And whatever happened to Abacus?)

You wait ages for EPoS…and then three (stories) come along at once!

ITC (EPOS) Ltd of Barnsley has produced a Windows-based EPoS software package that can be operated on any PC running industry-standard Microsoft WYSIWYG operating systems.

ITC’s Merlin software is not bike-trade specific and would struggle on recording bike hiring but could be easily adapted for use as a first-taste of EPoS. Cost: £495.00.

Tel: 01226 731 785


Mane.com has software that is also Windows-based and is most definitely bike trade specific. And in the wake of the Abacus collapse (Abacus staff were made redundant at the end of May and general manager Ian Tomlinson is redundant from the end of June, pending a possible relaunch of CyberTill) Mane.com is seeking to capture as many former Abacus customers as possible so has released a ‘lite’ version of its EPoS software.

This costs £100, a fee which is refundable if a £500 pa support contract is taken out. The lite version is fully upgradeable to the full system (normal price £2000) by purchasing the additional modules as and when required.

The cut-down software includes:

Stock processing module

1. Searches on barcodes, full description, size, colour, and also suppliers

reorder code.

2. Records frame at point of sale

3. Records stock level

4. Book stock in as it arrives at the shop

Till module

1. Take cash, credit card, cheque transactions.

2. Deducts sold items out of stock

3. Prints receipts

4. Cheque printing

The lite system comes with a manual but is simple enough to not require on-site training.

Tel: 01591 610718.

Email: info@mane-uk.com



Abacus customers know what happened to Abacus and, despite not covering the collapse to date, so does BicycleBusiness. In short, it revolves around a break-up between Ian Tomlinson, eager to launch CyberTill, a new EPoS system, and long-term Abacus software coder Nick Lee (now with Amco FM Ltd, the former IT support company for Abacus).

IBDs were hurt in the crossfire. However, all but two former Abacus customers are now being ‘supported’ by Amco FM Ltd. One day we’ll run the whole sorry tale…

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