Cybertill launched early last year but various VC-funding complications meant the company wasn't able to sell anything until this year. It's an impressive EPoS system, run over an Application Service Provider (ASP) remote provider with a kick-over to the internet, and enables real-time stock levels in store and on B2C websites. And anybody who saw it in action at the Cycle & Leisure Show will agree the touch-screen interface looks dead sexy

York IBD goes live with CyberTill

Enough of the hyperbole. Who’s the first to take the plunge? Bob Trotter Cycles of York.

Paul Trotter, proprietor of the business started by his father 45 years ago, is a complete Cybertill convert:

“There are many reasons why we chose to become a client of CyberTill but the main ones are that this is state of the art technology and that it enables me to market my stock over the Internet.

“EPoS systems that monitor sales and stock dbecome out of date quite quickly. CyberTill is up-to-the-minute and will remain so because it a web-based service that will be regularly updated.”

Although CyberTill uses Internet communication protocols and can be accessed through a browser, the concept is more like a private communication network that stores information in high security databanks.

Whilst data is stored remotely – and this is a worry for some IBDs – Trotter sees the benefits:

“If I have any bugs in the system they will be dealt with by the CyberTill team at their head office. I won’t have the headache, or the cost, of dealing with IT snags because CyberTill will handle them.”

The CyberTill package also gives Bob Trotter Cycles an instant e-commerce website.

CyberTill development director Richard Morgan-Green, formerly retail systems manager at Nick Thake’s PCM Group, said:

“I am delighted that a traditional business like this has become our first client because many of these businesses have missed out on the technological advances in retailing due to the previously high costs.

“CyberTill’s state-of-the-art but user-friendly EPoS system and e-commerce interface will help ensure the continued success of this business.

“As the bike trade is very much a people business, the system’s Customer Relations Management aspect will also help Paul Trotter maintain contact via email and the web with his customers, ensuring that they get the best possible service.”

Cybertill is being rolled out in the bike trade first but will be promoted to other retail trades in due course.


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