Yellow Jersey updates cycle luggage stats for 2018

Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance has released an updated version of its popular infographic depicting the costs of flying abroad with cycle luggage.

The graphic, which has now been updated with the latest costs for 2018, contains a comprehensive list of prices from airlines such as British Airways, Swiss Air and Ryan Air.

It also depicts the maximum weight of luggage with each travel provider.

A statement from the brand reads: “There’s no standardised way of categorising and charging for luggage by airlines. Most follow the recommendations of the IATA and use a maximum ‘linear length’ of 158cm – linear length being length + width + height – which is much smaller than your average bike box.

“The majority of airlines therefore do not consider bike boxes to be ‘standard luggage’, and you’ll need to add sports equipment to your booking on top of any other luggage charges.

“The cost of adding a bike to your flight and what weight limit you’re allowed differs from airline to airline. So to make your life easier (and mindful that spring cycling holidays are just around the corner and people will be starting to negotiate their summer leave), we’ve laid it all out in our handy infographic.”

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