Yellow Jersey adds insurance cover for bicycle couriers

Yellow Jersey has added cover for bicycle couriers to its Ultimate Bicycle Insurance Policy.

Traditionally, specialist bicycle insurance policies have excluded cover for bicycle couriers making it hard for them to find insurance for theft or damage to their bicycle while working. With this change, bicycle couriers can now get theft and damage cover via the Yellow Jersey Ultimate Policy.

Any couriers choosing an Ultimate Bicycle Insurance policy would also able to insure all the bikes in their household on the same policy to take advantage of Yellow Jersey’s 60% multi-bike discount, even if they are just being used for leisure purposes.

Bicycle couriers will need two separate policies: Yellow Jersey’s Ultimate Bicycle Insurance to provide theft and accidental damage cover for all their bicycles; Yellow Jersey’s specialist bicycle courier liability policy to cover third-party liability while working as a courier.

Tom McMorrin, head of product development at Yellow Jersey, said: “Bicycle couriers have been an invaluable part of the supply chain in urban areas and beyond for years and will become even more so we the UK strives to achieve a carbon-neutral transport system. However, bicycle couriers who are self-employed have often struggled to get appropriate insurance, especially for their bicycle while they are working. We’ve been working hard at Yellow Jersey to be able to ensure that bicycle couriers can get access to appropriate cover.

“In 2018, we launched our liability insurance cover for courier cyclists, should they cause damage to a third party while working as a courier. We’re incredibly pleased that we can now allow couriers to boost this cover by adding an Ultimate Bicycle Insurance Policy to get insurance for theft and damage to their bikes. Without a bike, a bicycle courier can’t work and now they can work with complete peace of mind that if something happened to their bike, we can get them back up and riding again.”

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