Yamaha introduces updated flagship model PW-X2 and sportive PW-ST

Yamaha Motor has introduced its updated flagship model PW-X2 and sportive PW-ST.

The updated PW-X2 offers the ‘next step’ in terms of powerful and natural support. Four sensors inside the motor housing and finely tuned algorithms for the drive control result in a higher sensibility to the rider’s input. The Quad Sensor System uses an angle sensor to detect the bike’s angle of climb or descent, in addition to the existing ride speed, crank rotation, and pedalling torque sensors.

Yamaha Motor’s engineers and test riders have fine-tuned the Quad Sensor System and the Automatic Support Mode technologies, first introduced to its line-up in the MY2019 PW-TE drive system, according to the intended riding concept of each drive system in the line-up.

To give product managers the highest degree of freedom in terms of battery positioning and capacity choice as well as various display options, all of Yamaha Motor’s ‘Multi Location’, ‘Down Tube’ and ‘Rear Carrier’ batteries can be combined with the PW-X2 drive unit. And from the simplified Display A to the extra tough Display X to the sophisticated Display C with connectivity to mobile devices, riders can enjoy features including ride management, fitness tracking and map-based navigation through compatible applications such as Komoot or Wellfit.

For model year 2020, Yamaha Motor has also updated its runner up system. The PWseries ST features Yamaha Motor’s Quad Sensor System so that it can deliver optimised assist levels for all conditions despite weighing 100g less than the previous model. The unit also offers a broader assist range that can accommodate high-cadence pedalling.

The new Automatic Support Mode for the PWseries ST selects the ‘right amount’ of assist power based on riding conditions. For less experienced riders, the system modulates its support in High Mode during the initial pedal strokes. This way it can prevent wheelies or rear wheel spin-outs when starting on loose ground in steep terrain.

To complete the range of drive systems, Yamaha Motor is offering its PWseries TE, meant for city commuters. This mid-level drive system has been the first to come equipped with Quad Sensor System and Automatic Support Mode in MY2019 already.

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