According to a research report commissioned by ‘Retail Week’ only 1 percent of consumers plan to cut back on present-buying this year. IBDs: market yourself to 40 year old blokes, they going to spend the most and have yet to buy their prezzies.

Xmas 2001: consumers are gonna spend, spend, spend!

Polling company ICM interviewed a random sample of 1000 adults by telephone on 26th-28th October, 2001.

Britons will spend an average of £379 this year on Christmas presents. Men anticipate spending rather more than women, on average £418 compared to £342. Highest spenders are those aged 35-44 who plan to spend on average £648.

There is little to choose among ABC1C2’s although C2’s emerge as the biggest spenders with an average of £413. Regionally, those in the North look as though they will have the most expensive Christmas (£437 per head).

Five percent of men say they plan to do all their Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve compared with only 2 percent of women.

Most likely to leave things until the last minute those north of the border (7 percent) and 25-34 year olds (6 percent).

One in five (19 percent) of those surveyed said they planned to use the Internet to help with Christmas shopping, including 10 percent who said they had or intended to make purchases via the net.

The full report is here:…/retail-week-poll-oct-2001.htm

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