WTB has announced a new gravity-focused tyre, the Convict, which the brand says is the most robust they have ever made

WTB announces new gravity-focused tyre, the Convict

WTB has announced a new gravity-focused tyre, the Convict, which the brand says is the most robust they have ever made.

Its tread pattern provides the aggressive knobs and sidewall needed for riders on challenging and technical gravity courses. The tall knobs of the Convict tread pattern are designed to bite into loose, wet and rocky conditions, while the 2.5” width provides the stable platform and large contact patch needed for high-speed descents. The wide working edges of the knobs provide excellent braking traction when used as a rear tyre in loose conditions.

“The Convict 2.5 is our gravity specialist, whether it be charging bike park laps, the most unforgiving enduro stages or those all-mountain shuttles where focus is clearly on the descents,” stated Evan Smith, WTB’s tyre designer.

“It uses wide, blocky knobs,” furthered Smith, “to till through loose conditions and grab ahold of chunky rocks and wet roots, while also keeping them spaced consistently along the centerline to minimize rolling resistance. Leaning it over, tall side knobs keep the traction predictable while each is siped at alternating angles to hold traction in every direction.

"It’s a gravity tyre, through-and-through, but we believe riders will be surprised at how efficiently it rolls, making it an equally suitable tyre for all-mountain riding in areas with loose, rocky terrain.”

High Grip models of the Convict 2.5 27.5” TCS tyre feature WTB’s Gravity DNA Compound, which uses a supportive layer of 60a durometer rubber beneath the tread, while the exposed knobs of the tread are a sticky 45a compound for increased traction throughout the entyrety of the tyre’s contact patch.

The Convict 2.5 27.5” Tough: Fast Rolling version utilizes WTB’s Dual DNA Compound which delivers the same 60a durometer centerline, while 50a outer knobs deliver steadfast traction without soaking up speed. Additionally, WTB Convict 2.5 tyres are available in both WTB’s Lightweight and Tough casings, which are both sealant optimized to provide supple ride quality and resistance to abrasion and punctures, to provide both a lightweight race tyre as well as a version ready for downhill domination.

Offered in three different levels and ranging from £44.99 to £49.99. The Convict will be available in the UK late Summer time.

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