Sheath those Bics, Kryptonite is to offer owners of Evolution and KryptoLok locks the ability to upgrade their crossbars to the new disc-style cylinder. The mechanism for this has yet to be worked out, says the company.

Write it down to experience, Kryptonite to offer lock upgrades

In a new statement released this evening, following soon after the release of a blander, more non-committal statement yesterday, Kryptonite appears to want to tackle the ‘Bic problem’ head on.

This is sensible. An Associated Press article on the topic is currently being syndicated across US newspapers and one of the video posters is to be featured in the New York Times tomorrow.

Owners of locks at risk – see link to story from earlier today, a story which reveals the Bic method was first publicised in 1992 – will be able to apply for upgrades to the new. more secure locks, currently being rushed to distributors around the world.

Here’s the company’s latest statement:

In light of recent demonstrations on the Internet that explain how to

criminally defeat tubular cylinder lock technology, which has performed

successfully for more than three decades, Kryptonite intends to expedite

the introduction of its upgraded Evolution and KryptoLok lines. These

products will have the disc-style cylinder that has the same technology as

the company’s famous New York Lock.

Specifically, Kryptonite will provide the owners of Evolution and KryptoLok

series products the ability to upgrade their crossbars to the new

disc-style cylinder, where possible. This cylinder provides greatly

enhanced security and performance.

Kryptonite is finalizing the details of this upgrade process and will

publicly communicate these details as soon as possible.

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