The globe puts the brakes on automobiles next week

World Car Free Day pulls up next Tuesday

World Car Free Day 2009 takes place next Tuesday on September 22nd. The global initiative encourages cities to shun cars in favour of bikes, public transport and walking.

According to a traffic speed survey in 2007, London was found to be the slowest of the 30 cities surveyed in Europe. By contrast, cyclists are estimated to comfortably travel in excess of 10 mph.

The Capital’s Skyride – taking place this Sunday – will see car-free streets for a limited time.

Halfords is planning to take advantage of Tuesday’s World Car Free Day by encouraging consumers to take part in the Cycle2Work programme, which saves on tax and NI for cyclists.

Halfords’ Cycle2Work business manager, Carl James comments, “Halfords Cycle2Work has proved popular with employers and employees across the UK, and has already helped large numbers of workers nationwide get out and about on two wheels.

"There are so many benefits to cycling both in terms of enjoyment and health, and the added financial incentive means there is no excuse not to get on your bike.”

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