Sanyo has one in Japan, but this is thought to be first carbon-frame e-bike in the UK

Wisper unveil carbon e-bike

Wisper is introducing a carbon e-bike to the UK at this week’s Cycle 2009 Show at Earls Court, which starts today.

The bike frame isn’t carbon through and through. The Wisper 906xc Tourer has a carbon-wrapped alloy frame. However, it does have carbon riser handle bars and a carbon seat post.

It also has magnesium air sprung front forks with lock-out suspension controls on the handlebar. There’s a front-wheel Dapush 66 lightweight motor, with Alfine 8 Shimano hub gears.

Wisper co-founder David Miall said:

"We employ high-end components from first-class suppliers throughout the world on the 906xc Tourer. We put our specific expertise into intelligent design and extensive compatibility testing to build electric bikes and pedelecs that ride like high quality cycles without power and will change into superb electric vehicles at the flick of a switch."

An on-board computer with liquid crystal display provides diagnostic information on speed, performance, power left in the battery. There are six power-assist modes. A front LED light – with automatic light sensor – is run through the battery system.

The Wisper 906xc Tourer retails at £2,399.

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